Garden Wars 5/12/18

We are quite humiliated!  We are in a terrible funk!  Mouse has been caught, but not by a garden warrior.  The shame!

Our human slave bought a strange plastic contraption a couple of weeks ago.  She said it was a trap for Mouse.  We scoffed.  Mouse is an evil genius.  He could never be caught in some kind of plastic toy thought up by a human!  The idea!

Stubbornly, she went ahead with her stupid plan.  She wasted perfectly good peanutbutter inside, that could have been given to dogs.  Nothing happened, just as we predicted.  So, she wasted a morsel of bread, again taking food out of the mouths of the garden warriors!  Disgraceful!  We told her so, but she didn’t listen.  And, as before, it was all for nothing.

This afternoon, the human slave was sharing an apple with us, and had an impulse to put a bit in the trap thingy.  It was a crisp, juicy apple, that rightfully belonged to our faithful soldiers.  She said that since Mouse ate part of an apple before, maybe the fruit would tempt him into the trap.  What an idea!  She can be stubborn, though, and went right ahead with her “idea”.

Ten minutes later we heard a scrabbling noise, and the trap had been sprung!  It caught not only Mouse, but a mouse clone as well!  We are flabbergasted!  Two at once!  Well, there will be no living with the human after this!  You can’t let them start to take their silly ideas seriously, you know!  No telling what they might try to do next.  We are going to have to think long and hard about the best way to redeem our reputations!  Monkey!5F24FCC4-99BB-43F5-9369-7B050828FD39


About griefsjourney

Neal's mom. Devon's and Ian's Oma.
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