Garden Wars 3/26/18

Hamilton almost caught that evil Mouse today!  Twice!  He caught up with the malefactor in the narcissus bed, pouncing and driving him back and forth.  After a while, he couldn’t seem to catch up with him anymore.  Brock had been helping, but as the search through the jungle of stems went on and on, he decided that he would be of more help guarding the door to headquarters, so that our food supplies would be protected.  What thief could enter with Brock camped right on the threshold?

It wasn’t until we were all headed back inside for a well earned rest and snack that our human slave mentioned that she had seen Mouse run across the garden path to hide in the geraniums!  What the heck!  She couldn’t give a bark or yelp or something to give us a heads up?  She then claimed that every time she tries to warn us about an incursion, we always run and bark in the wrong direction!  Humph!  That is so ridiculous, that we didn’t even dignify it with an answer!  Humans make very unreliable lookouts.  You can’t depend on them at all!

We all settled in for a nice afternoon nap. Suddenly, we were startled by a horrible grinding noise.  Brock looked out of the window and discovered Squirrel!  Right on the front porch!  In broad daylight!  The malefactor was gnawing his way through the hard plastic lid on the birdseed canister!  Well, we soon chased him out of our territory!  Several times the cheeky rascal hopped back over the fence and tried to saunter across our lawn.  While we were right there on guard duty!  The nerves of these knavish rodents these days!  No respect at all!  Disgraceful!  Monkey!




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Neal's mom. Devon's and Ian's Oma.
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