Murder Isn’t a Joke

Murder is a very serious thing, and NEVER something to joke about. EVER. If you make a statement that even implies advocating murder, you, personally should apologize. Not justify. Not send others to claim that what you “really meant” was something different.

Last week I said the same to a young lady who suggested someone take a gun and kill Clinton. I said that it’s ok to have strong feelings about someone’s politics or actions, but not to advocate violence. She said that she wasn’t joking, and that Clinton deserved to die a terrible lingering death. I told her that NO ONE deserves to be murdered, and that murder is a terrible act that has serious consequences for the families and friends of murderer and victim. It’s something I know about. She blocked me and removed me from the support group she had begged me to join.

This is a very serious thing. If even one unhinged person takes Trump’s word as a call to action, he is responsible. It’s time to take to his beloved Twitter and actually say, “I was wrong.”  Monkey.


About griefsjourney

Neal's mom. Devon's and Ian's Oma.
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