I miss my son.  I miss Neal.  Neal always knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.  And what not to say.  He never made me feel that my worries and concerns were stupid, or that I was overreacting or being silly.  He was never dismissive or condescending or impatient. True empathy is a rare gift.  I miss that.  Devon had it, too.  To understand what someone is feeling as well as why they feel it, and to know exactly what to do or say to take the edge off of the distress – not an easy gift to have, but one we need more of in this world.  Monkey.

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  1. Angela says:

    Sorry to hear that you miss your son. He must have been a joy to be around. I would love to hear how great Mala is too. Read this blog once in a while, each time hoping you’d find some happiness and inner peace despite the loss of your boys.

  2. It’s great you’re able to come here and deal with your grief. My son died a little over 16 months ago and emotionally it’s difficult to say what’s in my fuzzy brain, but still I know how important it is to talk about our children who are no longer here.

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