This is scary

A charismatic figure? A huge wall? A deportation force? I’m sorry, but this is starting to sound a little bit like the way things started in Nazi Germany. This is a very slippery slope. The German people had no idea in the beginning where that path would lead them, yet they were blamed. “They should have known. They should have seen. They should have recognized the thinly disguised hate speech and where it would lead in the end.” This is the judgement of hindsight. Singling out any group of people to blame them for the country’s woes is extremely dangerous. They become “other” and we don’t have to see or treat them as part of our human family. These millions each have their own stories. They are people.

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One Response to This is scary

  1. MyDaddaysCat says:

    You are do right. Life is so precious and so very short, why would we spend what little time we have hating our fellow man.

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