A Teary Day

Difficult day. It’s Neal’s 34th birthday. Devon’s classmates are graduating from middle school today. Ian’s classmates will graduate from elementary school tomorrow. So many unrealized dreams and wasted potential. Yesterday at twilight, as lights were starting to come on along the street, I had an overwhelming urge to call Neal’s name – just as I used to call when he was out playing in the neighborhood as a child. “Time to come home, Neal! It’s getting dark! Come home to me!”

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One Response to A Teary Day

  1. Callie L says:

    Hi there. I’m one of Devon’s classmates from 2006. Back then, I had heard that something bad had happened to him and he was gone. Everyone I asked claimed it was a car crash. I did not go to the funeral. We weren’t close friends, but I enjoyed his prescence (sp?) and a long time ago, we were both chosen as contestants for a Poetry Contest in Los Altos Elementary. I recently discovered the real cause for his death from a friend who also knew him, 7 years ago. Our classes used to build Leprachaun traps as you mentioned below, and our teacher always put a potato on it. I recall this memory faintly, but now that I think more on it, it’s clear. I only have one picture remaining of us together, during a culture day in Los Altos. Devon was an amazing friend and human being, and I’m truly sorry for your loss.

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