I took Pippin to Brea yesterday, to take part in the Greater Orange County Parents of Murdered Children’s annual vigil. It’s always best to arrive a bit early if you want to park close by, so that’s what we did. Parked, checked in, and put the boys’ photos up on display. I was looking forward to meeting up with the Extra Mile K9 Comfort Team, which we are hoping to join.

So, what do I do? I immediately trip and fall flat on my face right in front of the murder victims’ monument. When I say flat, I really mean flat. Boom, right on my nose, which started absolutely gushing. I take a blood thinner, so when I bleed it’s pretty spectacular! Naturally, everyone panicked. I got it to stop, but by then blood was everywhere, and the paramedics had arrived. So had my daughter, who is probably going to make me don an armor of bubble wrap whenever I leave the house.

Well, no serious damage done, except to my dignity. My nose is nicely swollen – as if I needed that to get any bigger. I’m stiff and sore. Poor Pippin was a bit bewildered, especially when someone he didn’t know washed his nose. A maintenance team had to be called out to clear up and sanitize the cement before the event could take place. And I will always be remembered as the klutz who couldn’t walk straight and made a colossal fool of herself! Monkey anyhow.


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Neal's mom. Devon's and Ian's Oma.
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