Day One of the Retrial

The retrial started off today with opening statements by the prosecution and defense.  After that we went directly into the calling of witnesses.  I’ve done all this before but that doesn’t make things easier.  (Especially since I accidentally caught a glimpse of a photo of my son that I REALLY didn’t want to see.)  I believe one of the attorneys used some of my words out of my blog about having a hole in my heart.  Is that cricket?

Most of the witnesses called today were the first on the scene.  There was a neighbor who responded to Ling’s screams and found Neal’s body, the first sheriff to discover the bodies and the paramedic who went in to verify death.  Same questions, same cross examinations.  It’s a very unreal feeling sitting there – like an odd kind of deja vu experience. 

More testimony tomorrow.  Monkey.

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