No News for Me

I’m no longer allowed to watch the news on television.  This is hard, because I am my father’s daughter and could watch the news all evening long.  Unfortunately, my news habit isn’t helping my depression at all.  So no tv news for me for a while.

Part of it is the Casey Anthony trial that is so prevelant in the news.  There are too many similarities and I just cringe when the focus is on that case.  It’s like a circus, with people running to be able to get a seat in the courtroom as if they were all vying for a few seats at a rock concert.  I don’t understand that.  A murder trial is a miserable and distressing thing to witness, and certainly shouldn’t be seen as some macabre form of entertainment.  Believe me, it isn’t entertainment.  For instance listening to experts disputing stomach contents for three days is not amusing.  It’s horrible.  Why would you want to go there if you weren’t personally involved? 

The other thing that is causing me difficulties is the plethora of disasters.  I see the shock and misery on the faces and I recognize that look.  I have felt that feeling, and it’s all too easy to slip right back into it in empathy.  I just can’t do it any more.  CNN will have to get along without me if that’s possible.  Maybe it can, but can I go cold turkey without the news?

Just between you and me, I must confess that I do sometimes watch a bit of the Chinese English language news station.  Hey, baby steps, okay?  It’s much easier because they don’t focus on the same things.  No Casey Anthony at all.  Yes, there is some coverage of disasters and wars, but they are short and berift of the emotion and pathos that fill our soundbytes.  And I learn things that I didn’t know.  Were you aware there has been terrible drought in China?  Or that Thailand and Cambodia are having a border dispute?  Or that North Korea is threatening military retaliation if South Korea doesn’t find and punish the soldiers who yelled insulting things about their government across the border?  I didn’t.  I find that fascinating somehow.  Just like I find updates from German news interesting.  It’s all about point of view isn’t it?

I just confessed to reading German news as well, didn’t I? Rats.  Well, my therapist only said I shouldn’t watch the television news.  You can just skip over articles you can’t bear to read in print or electronic news formats.  It doesn’t bombard your senses the way the television does.  And it helps me keep up with my language skills, because I get the updates in German.  That’s educational.  So, there’s no need to tell my daughter about the German and Chinese news, is there?  IS THERE?  I’m trusting you.  Monkey.


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2 Responses to No News for Me

  1. Big Auntie says:

    I won’t tell!!!

  2. Marica says:

    I am one who has been watching the Anthony trial every day, although I am not there in person.
    WHY do most of follow it.. even the ones who stand hours in line to get a seat? Because most of us are personally ivolved. We came to know little Caylee through her death and it didn’t take long for most of us to realize this beautiful child had no one who knew her in life demanding justice.
    There is no admission of guilt by the mother… the grandparents have lied and covered up things, and the lawyers are the kind who lie as well. So there I am, with many people the world around waiting for justice to come for Caylee. I also wait for justice to come for your son and grandsons.

    Our judical system is not working the way it should, and those who are guilty have more rights and protection than their victims.

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