I Can’t Stand It!

Usually I am a News junky. I could watch CNN all day long without complaint. It gives me outside things to focus on, I guess. Besides, I have always liked being informed.

Now that the Casey Anthony case has gone to trial, I just can’t stand it. There are too many similarities. I see my own boys in Caylee as I see them in every case, and to have it all over the news just hurts too much. The defense uses many of the same excuses, such as “abusive parents”, for Casey’s behavior, when there really isn’t any excuse good enough for murdering a child. None. Zero.

The media frenzy for the Anthony case also bothers me. Caylee deserves justice, poor little mite. But so do so many other innocents who were killed by a parent – sometimes in horrific torturous ways. Yet, they get no more than a brief local mention. Why? Why isn’t the country demanding justice for each and every one of them? Where is the outcry? Why isn’t every heart bleeding for the terrible loss that each death represents to all of our society? I don’t understand it.

Don’t get me wrong – I have no desire to be the center of a national media storm. I’ve had more than enough attention as it is. But what about all the others that are forgotten and brushed aside? Take LizzieBee, my friend Rebecca’s granddaughter. She was only 4 months old when her bruised body was found head down in a trash can. Yet after a short investigation the case was closed. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/home.php?sk=group_132364096798753
That isn’t right. And, there are so many others. We should be outraged at each and every life that is taken by violence, especially the little ones who are so defenseless and innocent. The deserve better from us, than just a quick “How sad!” before we turn to something else. Monkey.

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One Response to I Can’t Stand It!

  1. Marica says:

    I cannot find the facebook page you mentioned. Is there a name for this page?
    I am a member of a blog that follows many cases of abused and murdered children. As a member one of the things we each do is try to bring more awareness of those who are not getting justice.
    This is a blog that can drain a person pretty fast, so no way would I recommend you going there.
    There are many professional people who are members including attorneys, social workers, advocates, medical services, and some like me.. everyday people who care deeply for our children.

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