More Hearings

We have had a couple of hearings for motions that I haven’t reported to you. Sorry about that. I think it’s because I really don’t know how to take the issues. I’m not sure what I think or feel. It’s confusing me.

The defense team has discovered that one of the prosecution’s witnesses has been defended by the Public Defenders Office, and they feel that this puts them in a position of conflict. If this witness appears, they have indicated that they will feel obliged to recuse themselves. That would mean that no one in the Public Defender’s office could represent Manling, because they would have the same conflict of interest.

I guess that if that happens, a lawyer will have to be found who is not connected in any way to the PD office. I don’t know if that’s diffictult, or common place, but I do know (from experience) that any attorney will need time to familiarize him/herself with all the material and background. The judge estimated that this would probably take another whole year, and has asked the DAs to consider not using the witness so that the penalty phase retrial can begin in July as scheduled. They have until Tuesday to make that decision.

In the meantime, jury selection is set to begin on Monday. They are going to go ahead and hand out ‘hardship questionnaires’ even though this issue is still hanging. A hundred jurors a day have been ordered for the entire week. I don’t really understand. But then, I often don’t understand the whys and wherefores of the legal system. I’m not sure I ever will.

What do I want to happen? Beats me. I’m just tired. If I could push a big red button and have the whole thing come to a screeching halt tomorrow – over, done, finished – that would be a wonderful thing. There is no “Easy Button” for the justice system though. There isn’t even an “EasIER” button. I just wish someone would stop pushing the “Harder” button. Please. I’ll stand on my head if it will help. I’ll even eat a bug if I have to. Monkey.


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