Hearing Results April 19, 2011

Today the defense again asked for a continuance of the trial and it was pushed back to July 5, 2011.  The motion was sealed, so I can’t tell you all the reasons.  I assume they wanted more time for something.

There was also argument about discovery issues and the jury questionnaire changes.  Jury selection will take about 3 weeks and will start in June.

The defense entered a motion asking for a change of venue as well.  They said that they felt there had been too much media attention in the area for Ling to get a fair trial.  Personally, I don’t think that the general public remembers that long.  There hasn’t been anything in the papers in a couple of months.  You remember because you are following the case.  That’s different.  It’s real to you.  I’ve found that a lot of people assume the whole thing was over and done with long ago, if they remember the case at all.  It’s probably easier that way.  For me it will always be immediate and I will always miss them.  I just have to learn to live with that as my new normal.  Monkey.


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Neal's mom. Devon's and Ian's Oma.
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2 Responses to Hearing Results April 19, 2011

  1. Marica says:

    Thank you for letting me know of your new post.
    I cannot understand our judicial system. Why the
    criminal is given so much protection, when the
    criminal has violated the rights of others without
    any consideration.
    Ling has damaged the lives of so many liginf people
    forever, and taken the lives of three people she should
    have loved most and in fact put before her own life.
    I know through your words as much as possible, what
    her actions have done to you life, and feel great sorrow
    as well for her parents. Hwo deeply they to must be hurting.

    I am checking subscribe to your site so you wil not have to send me special notice, but as always I ma happy to hear from you. You have become an online sister to me.
    We may have little in common, but I connect to you in a way I cannot adequately describe.

  2. EMMA KUN says:

    i came across the news about the incident of neal and the boys recently.. and my heart goes out to you.. and since yesterday is also mother’s day,happy mother’s day too..
    i wish you the best and please stay healthy..

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