Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while.  My mother kept falling and we think she has been having a series of small strokes.  I’ve been spending all day, every day there trying to make sure she is safe while we try to figure out what is really happening and what we should do about it.  Results of the ct scan tomorrow. 

Then this weekend I came down with the flu.  I am quite annoyed about it because I had a flu shot this year.  It’s not right that you go through getting a flu shot and end up sick anyhow.  My weak point is my lungs, and sure enough, I’m now down with bronchitis.  I feel gross.  I wheeze, I cough, and I get winded crossing the room.  Antibiotics keep making me sleepy and I have a strange rash.  I am a mess.

Went to the doctor yesterday, which should tell you how sick I feel.  I hate going to the doctor.  My usual physician being unavailable, I had to use someone else.  Very up on technology.  Aparently all the records have been uploaded into the computer and the doctors sport a little electronic notepad.  Anyhow, he asked me why I was taking so many antidepressants.  So, I told him why.  He said I had ruined his mood.  Was I supposed to apologize or offer him one of my Xanax?  He’s a doctor.  He sees sick people.  He has to expect a downer once in a while.  Monkey


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