Why Don't People Think?

Why don’t people think before they post things?  Do words just go straight out through their fingers without having to check in with the brain first?  It drives me crazy, especially when the subject is one that should give one pause – murder.

One of my friends is having a tough week and said so in her Facebook status line.  There were several replies, including the one that riled me “I recommend a killing spree.”  A glib, sarcastic answer, and no doubt the author thought himself clever.  I wrote something like “Murder isn’t something to joke about,” to which he replied, “Who’s joking?”  That made me grind my teeth, which isn’t a good thing.  I have a new dental guard, but I’ve been sneezing, and last night I sneezed so hard it flew out of my mouth and hit the cat.  So, I have no protection to turn to in the face of provoked grindage.

I didn’t go on one of my usual rampages.  I just said, “Don’t go there, Al.”  I really meant that.  I don’t want to have to go there with him, and I know that NOBODY would be pleased to go there along with me.  No.  Not to that place.  They really wouldn’t like it once they got there.  His response?  “I’m already there.”

When I didn’t reply to that, he posted this comment:  “There’s nothing like rolling a severed head into a nursery school to give one a feeling of true satisfaction . . .”  That is really not the kind of thing to say to me.  It may sound witty and dark, and perhaps he thinks himself edgy and frightening.  The truth is, I thought it was stupid.  Plain and simple, that’s a very stupid thing to say.  I’m sick of stupid.  I’m ‘over’ stupid.  I’m not shocked or huffy.  I don’t intend to get into it with him, which is probably what his ego is looking for.  It’s just stupid.  I could have come up with something much more dark and shocking- but then, I’ve seen true darkness. I’m afraid real evil is not what Al seems to think it is. Stupid.  That’s one who will never make it into Devon’s Smart Club.  Monkey

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2 Responses to Why Don't People Think?

  1. Linda Carlson-Hewitt says:

    Jan, I saw a bumper sticker once that has stuck in my head for years and belongs plastered on this guy’s forehead. It read, “Stupid should be painful.” What a glorious notion. I think of you so very often and resist posting comments just because I worry about saying the wrong thing, wishing there were a right thing, but knowing it’s easy to say something to make you feel worse. This moron was actually working at it and I’m sorry that you had even one more thing to make the day harder for you. We continue to keep you and Mala in our thoughts and hope for better days. They may not be good, but maybe better.

  2. Aimee Petersen says:

    Jan, I think of you and Mala all the time. I wasn’t as close to Mala as I was Sonya, but I knew them both. Mala did wonders with that flute! I only wished I could be as good as she was. Neal was such a sweet, quiet guy, but always polite and smiling. I remember he had a very nice smile, with braces if my memory serves me right.

    For you to hear someone say something so stupid and insensitive breaks my heart over and over. People don’t realize when they say things like “I almost died when I heard that..” or “Kill me now, my life sucks”. I hate that. They don’t realize who is around hearing/reading those comments, because it could be someone who HAS gone through what your joking about. The only way I survive in this world is to put myself in others shoes so I can relate. Before I was hit by a car as a pedestrian in late 2008, I never thought twice when people would say “Man, I feel like i’ve been hit by a car”. Now I truly know how being hit by a car feels. So when I hear anything about an injury that could have resulted in my death, I have to hold back because it hurts me. It is so hard not to go off on stupid people. Especially ones who open their own door for you.

    I hope your mom is more on the mend, and not having so many problems associated with her illness/situation. My thoughts and prayers are with you three ladies.

    Aimee Petersen

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