Hearing Result 2/4/2011

I didn’t go to today’s hearing. I promised my daughter I would stop going so often. She worries about me. Besides, it was just supposed to be a hearing about the defense’s motion to continue the start of the retrial until the Fall.

I guess I missed some fireworks. The judge gave the defense just 30 days more, pushing the start of the retrial to May 16, 2011. He also made it very clear that this is it. There will be no more delays. We really need to wrap up this part of things and have the luxury of only having to deal with our grief at losing the boys – without the stress and worry of hearings and trials.

That’s the worst part of the process – all the delays. It really wears you down, week after week, hearing after hearing. I was beginning to wonder if we were waiting to see if the world comes to an end in 2012 before closing the door on this chapter. Monkey.

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