Farewell to Godfrey

Well, Godfrey has left us. He is off to be auctioned for the benefit of the Neal, Devon and Ian Williams Scholarship at Whittier College. That was hard. Letting go of both Godfrey and B1 (Neal’s Blazer) made for a difficult week.

It’s not easy to conherently explain why it’s so gut wrenching to dispose of a child’s belongings. Every scrap of paper that has his writing on it, every school assignment, each toy or shoe or outfit – these things may look like junk, but when your child or grandchild is gone they are a physical reminder of a physical presence that is gone now. I will never get another of Devon’s silly stories to read. And, I will never ride in a car with the boys behind me and Neal next to me singing “riding in the car” songs. “Don’t Cry, Katie”, “Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Off the Bus,” “An Austrian Went Yodelling,” “Pigs Can’t Fly,” “Granny’s in the Cellar,” “I Am I, Don Quixote,”…all these songs and more put me right back into a memory, and having to let go of the physical presence of the two vehicles where we did so much singing is hard. I’m still not sure I was ready for this step.

It’s funny, but for some reason the doorbell stuck after the driver came to get Godfrey. All afternoon long it would ring at varying intervals and speeds. It reminded me of Devon’s Annoyatron and of Ian who was an uncontrolable button-pusher. I miss them very much. Monkey. Godfrey. Monkey.

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