Testimony, Day Two, 10/25/10

Is it really only day two of testimony? It feels like it’s been going on forever. I look at my notes and think to myself, “That witness was this morning? I could have sworn they testified some time last week.” Wierd.

I’m not a person who has ever enjoyed being the center of attention – rather like Devon in that respect. So, I’m starting to feel a tiny bit uncomfortable. Statements are made and people look to see my reaction (I’m not allowed to have a reaction, so look at someone else!) Notice is taken if someone sits next to me in the hall or gives me a hug or throws a sympathetic glance in my direction. If this was a hunter-gatherer society, I would suspect that the tribal elders were afraid of my magic, and were trying to hem me in with totums and vigilence so that I don’t give someone the evil eye or turn them into a toad. Unfortunately, as useful as it might be at times, I have no idea how to give the evil eye or turn anyone into a toad. Sorry to disappoint. I sit and observe and write and that’s about it. Once in a while I check my cell phone because one of the reporters left his on and it started screaming “Ohayo” in the courtroom. The bailiff yelled at us all. So just in case a pixie thinks it’s funny to turn it back on, I keep checking, because I don’t want to be the first to violate the “turn the phone off or it will be confiscated and sold at auction” directive. I’m a rather conventional person, so I try not to be subversive, although I did talk about wool yarn with someone today, even though she was knitting and not crocheting. You have to reach out to the other tribes some times, even though they aren’t followers of the “true way.”

I think that’s all I did that could be controversial. I ate a tangerine. I drank some tea (Earl Grey, hot) that my friend kindly brought me. Oh, wait. I did see the Bremen Town Musicians in the swirl patterns of the marble wall. Mala said it was a gorilla, but I’m certain it was the Bremen Town Musicians. That doesn’t really count as causing conflict, because she is my daughter and duty bound to fight with me. Monkey.

Newspaper article on today’s hearing can be found at http://www.sgvtribune.com/ci_16432862

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