End of Discussion

World War I is finally over. I heard that on the news today. The war officially ended when Germany made it’s final reparation payment. A quirky bit of news to be sure. It really made me miss my son.

Neal shared my penchant for quirky news and new discoveries. After he put the boys to bed we would often enthusiastically discuss every possible ramification and possibility on the phone. The news that WWI has just ended is rife with interesting areas of discussion. How did WWI change the face of Europe? Were the reparations responsible for the economic circumstances that made it possible for the Nazis to rise to power? Was it fair to ask Germany to pay for WWI when it’s a completely different country now? It was a monarchy then. In the time since it’s gone through great changes, including being divided into two separate nations for a time. So many avenues to explore, and I wanted to call Neal right away.

But, Neal isn’t there at the other end of the line to explore those avenues of thought. That’s hard. Interesting things insist on happening, and he isn’t here to get excited with me. We used to sit out on the lawn and watch for the International Space Station to pass overhead or a meteor shower to pass. I look up every night now at Jupiter so close and so bright. If the boys were here we could look through a telescope or even binoculars and see the moons orbiting around it. That would lead to discussions of the composition of the planets, their size and distance from Earth. Devon would probably become enthusiastic about the cosmos and start naming fish after the planets, since he would no doubt have gone through all the presidents on Mt. Rushmore by now. (It had taken some time for him to choose Thomas Jefferson over George Washington for the Betta I had promised to help him pick out).

I see that all so clearly. I could almost turn around and expect to see them standing behind me. I feel such a strong urge to pick up the phone and call, even though I know Neal won’t answer. Will part of me always be expecting to find them around the corner or just beyond the bend in the road? Monkey.

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