Day One

In many ways the first day of the trial was very much like any other hearing that I have attended in the last three years. There were questions about the final draft of the jury questionnaire, and confirmation of the timeline that will be followed during the next few weeks. The defense wanted to know if Ling could have special transport to the courthouse during the trial, as taking the usual ride didn’t always leave her time to shower and take her medication before leaving. The judge didn’t think that was possible, but after questionning her directly, he instructed the bailiff to contact someone at the facility where she is housed and make sure that she was able to fully ready herself. It was a bit strange to hear her voice.

So, nothing momentous that you could put your finger on. However, somehow it felt different. There was a tension and a sense of anticipation in the courtroom that hasn’t been there before – at least not to me. It probably wouldn’t have made any difference if I had stayed home, and just asked the DA to inform me of what transpired. But, somehow, I just had a need to see the beginning. However mundane and ordinary the proceedings, I needed to experience day one in order to believe in the reality of our forward motion. The trial has started.

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