Hearing 6/18/10

Several motions were presented and ruled on today. The first was a defense motion to preclude Detectives Walls and Nava from testifying in the case at all. This has to do with the documents that they found in Ling’s jailcell. The motion was denied without prejudice.

Second motion was technical and I didn’t really follow it. My legalese isn’t fluent enough.

Next was a motion by the defense to strike the “Special Circumstances” of “Lying in Wait” from the charge. This was also denied.

Defense had a motion for notice and discovery on the victims’ impact statements. People said that the interviews had not yet been done. Judge directed that all interviews and reports on all victim’s impact statements due by the 26th of July. He also directed that both sides present any charts, exhibits and Power Point presentations be presente4d to the court by August 30th. This is an exchange and a cutoff. No further exhibits will be accepted after that date.

August 3 is the deadline for disclosure of all witnesses. Jury questionnaires will also be discussed on that date.

After lunch, the People’s motion to submit autopsy and crime scene photos at the trial was to be discussed. I’m not really ready to hear specific details of these photos argued about. I know that Neal had nearly a hundred wounds. I saw the big hole where the blood soaked carpeting was taken up. I’ve even been told by more than one person that his body was the most savagely brutal thing ever imagined. I don’t need to have clearer pictures of that in my head. So, I elected to skip that part and go home. There are a lot of things that I want to know, but that’s not one of them. Monkey.

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One Response to Hearing 6/18/10

  1. susannedean says:

    Wow. Sounds like there is some movement forward after all of the delays with the case…it is hard to believe it will be three years this summer. Maybe there will be some closure before the end of the year. Monkey. xxooxxx

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