"This Blog's For You"

Waited a couple of hours for case to start, as judge had a jury trial verdict to take care of first. We had barely taken a seat when the defense attorney turned around and looked in our direction and then asked the judge to close the hearing to the public, as he felt that in arguing the motion there might be inferences made about information that may be ruled “priviledged”. He was afraid that with the press in the audience and “with so much access to blogs” the information could be made public, and that this could prejudice or taint the possible jury pool. We waited outside the room for quite a while, until they broke for lunch. Didn’t figure there was any point in staying, since they would be arguing the same matter after the recess, and we didn’t want to spend the afternoon sitting outside the closed courtroom. We went to lunch and I drank mango iced tea. Now, don’t go inferring anything from that. People drink iced tea all the time. Monkey! Jan

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