A Bad Week

I must admit that it has been a stressful week. Neal’s birthday followed by the difficult court session and then all the renewed media attention. I’m very much afraid it’s going to get ugly by the time it’s over, and does that really serve justice? Make us all suffer unbelievabe anxiety and make it continue for 25 or 30 years? I let people making comments needle me into replying, which I know is useless because people who leave annonymous comments don’t want to really understand. Someone said that Neal should have stayed away from mail order brides. That is objectionable and insulting on so many levels. I replied that all Asian women aren’t mail order brides just as all Hispanics are not undocumented. I was torn to bits after that with comments like “You are what as known as narrow-minded and not seeing past your nose. Hit a sore spot did it? Can’t blame a Hispanic, huh? Don’t know where to turn or make sense of this because you cannot blame an unthinkable act on “some low-life illegal” only the one who is responsible, and it ain’t an illegal.” That sounds like me, doesn’t it? I made a silly comment about how Devon would be quite upset to see himself described as a toddler, because he had finished first grade and therefore knew almost everything there is to know, and concluded that “as the sole surviving member of Devon’s Smart Club it is my duty to point these things out.” That was described as ” bizarre, strange and a little scary.” Why can’t people just let us cope with our grief and loss with a shred of dignity and have a little compassion?

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2 Responses to A Bad Week

  1. Peggy Weaver says:

    You just cannot wrestle with pigs and hope to not get dirty Jan. It is a fact that there are people of the most vile type in this world who are cowards, nothing you can say or do is going to change that fact. Technology has provided this wonderful medium to communicate our thoughts; unfortunately there are some boneheads out there who use the anonymity to hide behind cruel and evil words.

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