Devon's Babies

It finally came to me why I’ve felt so weepy since those octuplets were born here. It’s because of Devon’s babies. Devon had 10 different imaginary friends. Brock the invisible dog was his favorite, of course.  (Having an invisible dog who can change sizes and who sings rock and roll is pretty hard to beat.) The other 9 were babies. He kept finding lost babies and bringing them home. First, he came downstairs and told me that there was a beautiful, sweet little baby girl upstairs, and that her name was Baby Jan. Ian had recently gone from being a cute little baby who stays in one place to being a pest, and I thought that was behind his desire for a nice restful little  baby in the house. But Baby Jan was followed by Baby Devon, Baby Ian, Baby Neal, Baby Auntie, Baby Marie (my daughter and I both have that middle name), Baby Gingerbread, Baby Tree and Baby Stopsign.  Nine babies aren’t very peaceful. Trying to get 9 invisible babies into the car and then from the car to Sunday School was quite a chore. Logistically challenging!

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