No More Marbles

The papers say that according to the clerk and the DA’s office, the arraignment did take place and she put in a not guilty plea.  I must have lost whatever is left of my marbles.  I was there the whole time, and that all went completely by me.  The DA and the defense attornies approached the bench and had a long conference with the judge.  I suppose it could have been agreed on then.  Strange.  I’m starting to doubt the functioning of my brain.  It’s never let me down like this before.  Bad brain!  Bad!

Anyhow, next hearing is on March 5.

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2 Responses to No More Marbles

  1. Big Mala says:

    Your brain is NOT bad; I was also there and it DIDN’T happen!!! Unless, as you say, they agreed to that in the sidebar with the judge.

    No marbles lost, honest!
    love, — Mala

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