Night Before Election Madness

This year’s election has gotten people so fired up! All week I’ve seen people on the corners of the main blvd. (Whittier), especially at Painter and at 5-Point with their “Yes on 8” signs. Tonight there are “No on 8” mobs on opposite corners. They are all yelling at passing cars and each other, with more arriving every moment. Now here come the sirens!  In Whittier! Whittier just isn’t usually a rioting kind of place! I’m against violence, but I’m kind of digging the enthusiasm. It’s especially good to see so many college aged people joining the fray.  I hate apathy!  It’s a relief to see that people can still get enthusiastic about the issues.  That’s what we need more of – people paying attention to what is going on and taking a stand one way or the other.  (Of course the smart ones would all share MY opinions, lol)  Jan


About griefsjourney

Neal's mom. Devon's and Ian's Oma.
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